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City Of El Segundo, CA

El Segundo Bail Bonds

Despite the meaning of the Spanish name of the city which translates to "The Second", this friendly, beautiful and commerce supporting town is second to nothing. The city got its name in 1911 after "Standard Oil Company" now known as "Chevron" built its second oil refinery in the city. El Segundo was originally a part of a ranch which started in the Playa Del Ray area and reached all the way to Redondo Beach. The city was incorporated in 1917. The city today is known to be a very important business sector along the South Bay area of the Los Angeles County.El Segundo has a population of over 16,500 people.


It is bordered by Los Angeles International Airport from the north, Manhattan Beach from the south, Hawthorne from the east and the warm Southern California Pacific Ocean from the west. Because the city is considered one of the friendliest cities for businesses and business owners, it is the home to many huge brands in different fields. Though, the close proximity to the Los Angeles International Airport makes it a favorable location to the biggest names in the aviation industry. This also factors in the considerably big pollution problem which the north part of the 5.5 square miles city suffers.


No matter where you are in El Segundo, you will notice the clean street, beautiful landscape and very friendly people. Unlike other beach cities, El Segundo enjoys a fairly slow pace living style. It is a place where you may enjoy a nice lunch or dinner while retreating in the nice weather and amazing views. Information by Best Bail Bonds.

city of el segundo california
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