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Most of the legal issues that occur in the city of El Segundo will be handled at the LAX airport courthouse located at 11701 South La Cienega Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90045. This courthouse has been serving the city of El Segundo for many years and will continue to do so for many more years to come. Not only does this courthouse serve LAX and El Segundo, but it also serves the cities of Hawthorne, Inglewood, Manhattan Beach and Gardena. When you first walk into the courthouse you will be stopped by some of the security officers working at the courthouse and you will be searched for anything that may make you suspicious.


This process is not meant to harass anybody that comes in the courthouse, but to make sure that everyone inside of the courthouse is safe from harm. This courthouse has an administration officer where anyone could go to find out any information about the court house and where you should be directed to handle your legal issues. This office also offers a volunteer program as well as an intern/extern program. You could also ask one of the officers at the front of the courthouse to direct you to a certain office. This courthouse serves both criminal and civil cases and are all handled by the clerk’s office. At the clerk’s office, you could pay any fines that you owe for the trial or to see if your case has been resolved.


There is also a waiting area for your children while you are in court or handling any other issues inside the courthouse. Couples could also get their marriage license at this court house and in order to apply for one, both parties must be present. There are two city attorney offices located at this courthouse, one for Los Angeles and one for Santa Monica. You could go to any of these offices to get information about your case and they will help direct you to the proper office to handle your case. There is also a probation office where you could go to check up on your probation status or to check in with your progress depending on the terms of your settlement. If you would like to bail someone out at the courthouse, you would have to do so before 3 o’clock. If you wait until after this time, then the bond clerk will politely let you know that you cannot turn in any bail bonds at that time. It is important that you turn in the bond as early as possible to avoid any complications.

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