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The El Segundo police department is one of the more modern police departments in Southern California. The department is located at 348 Main St El Segundo, CA 90245 and is situated so that it is easily accessible from any part of the city.


The El Segundo police department has been serving the beautiful city of El Segundo for many years and will continue to serve and protect this city for many more years to come. Everyone at the El Segundo Police department are highly trained and are able to help any citizen with anything that they may have. There are several parts that make up the police department. All of these sections must work together in order for the department to successfully keep the city safe. The different parts that make up the El Segundo Police Department are the Patrol Section, the Administrative Section, the special units section, and the volunteer Section. The patrol section of the department consists of all officers who patrol the city in order to keep it safe by looking for people in distress and answering any emergency calls.


The special units section consists of the police department's swat team, which is used for emergencies that the regular patrol officers cannot handle on their own. Some of these situations include hostage situations as well as any robbery involving armed men. The administrative section of the department includes the secretary's and the jailer that answer the phone calls and help direct people to where they need to go or to answer their questions. The volunteer section is for the citizens of the city who could help the police keep the city safe. This also allows the citizens to witness first hand what the officers do on a daily basis and how they keep the people of the city safe. Article by Sunrise Bail Bonds.

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