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Why Choose Our Bail Service!

We serve the Great City of El Segundo for many years now and managed to release out of jail thousands of people. That’s our pride, the number of our successful results.

We can share your pain and agony the moment you learn that one of your loved one got arrested and we can understand how stressful and difficult for you and him/her that can be, especially when you are not familiar with the process.

For that reason we work 24/7 to answer every single of your phone calls and explain to you all the steps needed until your loved one is released from jail.

It is true that we live in rough times and we can understand that you may not be able to afford to pay the 10% of the bail amount needed. For that reason, our agent is able to work with you and help you choose a flexible payment plan with later payments and with no or very low-down payment.


Our payment plans are scheduled accordingly your financial situation and to fit your financial needs and every budget. Even collateral is not always necessary. Just call us and we will find the best payment solution for you guaranteed.

The only thing you need to do to help your loved one to be released, is to call us. We don’t use answering machines or extensions. The moment you call you will have a live agent at your service to walk you through the whole process and that agent is the one who will approve your bond and make the necessary steps to take your loved one out of jail.

El Segundo Bail Bonds Process.

El Segundo is considered as one of the safest cities in California and that’s mostly because of the hard work provided by the men and women working for the El Segundo Police Department trying to protect the people of that great city from any intruders or law violators.

However sometimes that’s not enough and people get arrested even for minor crimes such as a simple fight or domestic dispute and they find themselves in the El Segundo Police department located at 348 Main St, El Segundo, CA 90245.

Usually, when someone is arrested, is transferred at the jail and remains there under the Jailer’s custody. They will confiscate his belongings for safekeeping and they will gather all the necessary personal information that together with photos taken they will register them to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. After that follows the fingerprints taking with the help of a machine called Live Scan so the Jailer to see if the defendant has any other obligations with the law. Then the arrestee is going to remain in custody until a judge at the Torrance Superior Courthouse arraign him or her. After the arraignment, the suspect is male, is going to be hold to the county jail for men known as “Twin Towers” and if she is female, then she will be moved to Lynwood Jail, also known as “CRDF” for women. The suspect is going to remain there for the duration of the court case.

To help your loved one to avoid all that process you have to bail him out. To do so, you have to call our office and speak with our agents here at Bail Bonds El Segundo.  They will help you through the whole process and they will solve any issues that may occur.

You have to understand though, that the Jailer is not going to clear your loved one for bail before he has the fingerprints results in his/her hands. Jailer, needs to make sure that the arrestee is not wanted by any other law agency and that he has no other pending warrants.

Usually, it takes 45 minutes to several hours until the Jailer receives the results back from the Justice department. The moment the defendant is clear for bail, our agent will be able to bail him out of jail and bring him home in less than an hour.

Our bail service extends to cover the neighboring cities, to the north of El Segundo we have local agents to provide bail service in Inglewood, Marina Del Rey and Culver City, in the north east we cover South Los Angeles, Huntington Park and South Gate, to the east our bail service covers Hawthorne and Lynwood, south east of El Segundo we reach Compton, Gardena and Lawndale, in the south we cover Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Torrance and Carson.

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In such sensitive times for you and the defendant we believe that we may not lose any valuable time and that’s why our agents are highly trained to work the fastest way necessary.

Also, be aware that our services cover also the period after we get the arrestee out of jail. We will still be always available for you to advice you and help you with any issues that may occur and provide you with all the legal information we gathered all those years operating in that business. Our highly trained and experienced agents can give you a huge amount of tips and advices whither is bond related or not.

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How bail bonds work in El Segundo, CA!
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