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Search Goes on For Suspect involved in Hit and Run

Earlier this week there was a hit and run in the city of El Segundo, which one man in critical condition in the nearby hospital. The suspect ran a red light travelling east on the street and collided with another car that was traveling south in the intersection. After the two cars collided, they spun out of control and the suspect fled the scene as soon as he could. The victim’s car was hit in the run and it flipped over after spinning out of control after the collision occurred in the middle of the intersection. The witnesses at the scene of the accident immediately called the police and tried to get the victim out of the vehicle. None of the witnesses were able to get the license plate number off of the vehicle. They did, however, explain to authorities that the suspect is driving a tan Ford Explorer. The police are still investigating the accident and have not determined if the suspect was under the influence or not. The victim is still being treated at the hospital and is in stable condition according to the police. The police are asking for the public’s help in finding this suspect and is asking for anyone with any information about the accident or the suspect to please contact the police as soon as possible. The suspect may have already switched vehicles and may be hiding out in the city and police are reminding the public that the suspect’s vehicle is badly damaged. The police are reminding the public also that if you see the suspect and/or the vehicle to please contact the police and tell them about the suspect’s whereabouts. Remember, the man is running from police, which makes him dangerous and it is unpredictable how the suspect will react to confrontation.

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