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Two Wounded in Shooting

In the city of El Segundo early saturday morning, two men were walking down the street to get to a local liquor store, when another man jumped out of car and opened fire on the two men. The two victims were minding their own business trying to get to the liquor store to get something to drink when they noticed a car quickly turn around after passing them on the street. The car stopped a few car lengths away from the men and began shooting in their direction. Both of the gentleman were hit by a bullet and immediately fell to the floor so the car would leave. As soon as the suspect saw the two men fall, he jumped back in the car and sped off to flee the scene. The police were called, but the suspect was long gone by that time. The two victims were taken to the hospital to care for their injuries suffered by the bullets that hit them. One of the victims was hit in the leg and the other was struck by a bullet in his shoulder. Both men are lucky to be alive and did the right thing by falling to floor so that the suspect would leave and not continue to shoot. Both victims will make full recoveries, but they were unable to make out the make and model of the car that the suspect was in or a description of the shooter. Police believe that this incident has something to do with a local gang. However, when the police questioned the victim's about the possibility of this being due to their gang affiliation, the two men kept their silence and did not tell the police anything. The police are asking the public for help with this case and if anybody knows anything regarding this shooting in the city of El Segundo, then you should immediately contact the El Segundo Police with your information. If you do not know how to contact the El Segundo Police Department or would like to get more information on this incident then feel free to contact one of our agents at Bail Bonds El Segundo at any time.

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