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El Segundo Arson Arrested

Police say they have finally caught the woman responsible for all of the fires that have been started in the past month. The 63-year-old Barbara Nania was caught on camera starting a fire behind a nail salon in the city of El Segundo and police put a warrant out for her arrest. She was taken to jail when an officer driving down a street in El Segundo and saw a woman matching the description the woman caught in the camera and arrested her. Investigator released information of about six fires that were started since August 20 in city alleys and at two churches. Police have released the video of the woman starting a fire behind the nail salon and are confident that Barbara Nania is responsible for all of the fires that occurred in the city of El Segundo. According to police, after some questioning, Ms. Nania was suffering from extreme depression and has been through a lot of emotional heartbreak over the past few years. Blg by Best Bail Bonds El Segundo.

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