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El Segundo Police Arrest 3 Robbers

Earlier this month three young men robbed a man at gunpoint in Hermosa Beach. Witnesses to the crime immediately called the police, but they were gone by the time the police arrived at the scene of the crime. However, a little time after the incident, the three men were seen by El Segundo Police and confronted. After a short chase, the three men were arrested by El Segundo Police. The victim of the robbery told police that he was confronted by one of the three men who said, “Give me your wallet!” The suspect held a gun to the man’s head after he made that demand and ran off with the other two suspects to a white Dodge Magnum on one of the side streets by the Beach. When the police caught up to the suspects, the police found a loaded 9mm handgun with high-capacity magazines and the victim’s wallet. The three were then arrested for the robbery and are being held on bail at this time. Police have not released the identity of the suspects yet.

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